Looking for Daleks

So the BBC have released a new trailer for Doctor Who and there are a couple of shots of Daleks within it.

Now if you look carefully, not only can you see the Special Weapon Dalek, but there are also early era Daleks like those encountered by the first Doctor.

The Special Weapon Dalek was first seen in the classic Sylvester McCoy story, Remembrance of the Daleks.

Another view from Remembrance of the Daleks.

This new shot is not the only time it has appeared, it was also seen in Asylum of the Daleks.

So not long now until the new series of Doctor Who. Are you looking forward to it?


Guardian says in reference to Daleks, “This time they can fly…”

Well with Doctor Who back on the telly tonight (yeah), The Guardian on the front of their weekly Guide have a couple of Daleks with the byline This time they can fly…

The Daily Mirror back in October also mentioned how the Daleks can now fly!

Well this is where I turn into a real Doctor Who anorak…

Remembrance Of The Daleks As anyone who has seen Remembrance of the Daleks (from the Sylvester McCoy era) will know that Daleks could fly upstairs and was used to great effect in the first episode cliffhanger.

The Doctor runs up the stairs to escape a Dalek only to find the Dalek could now fly up the stairs…

So Daleks have been able to fly since 1988 (or should that be 1963 as that is when the episode is set).

All you really need to know is that Doctor Who is back on BBC 1 tonight at 7pm and there is also a behind the scenes programme straight afterwards on BBC THREE.