Ork Aircraft Traktor and Launch Trolley

Ork Aircraft Traktor and Launch TrolleyOne of the gifts I got for a birthday was the Forgeworld Ork Aircraft Traktor and Launch Trolley.

One of the reasons I asked for it was not just because I have an Ork Fighter Bommer on the workbench but also as on the Forgeworld website it said:

Be warned, stock of this model is starting to run low!

I suspect this may be because a) no one is buying it and/or b) with the release of new Ork plastics at some point the plastic mould may be wearing out.

The model consists of the plastic Wartrakk and some resin pieces.

The resin pieces include wheels, the trailer, an arm, a fuel tank and the hook.

The Ork Aircraft Traktor is used to taxi Ork aircraft in position to launch, where it takes off discarding the launch trolley. the Aircraft Traktor also recovers landed Ork aircraft for refueling.