New models for Legions Imperialis revealed

So after the accidental reveal, yesterday we saw the official reveal of some new models for Legion Imperialis. 

As well as the Rhino and Baneblade we saw yesterday, we also have the Kratos.


The Kratos is a staple of Space Marine armoured companies, and one of the heaviest tanks available to the Legions Astartes. 

We also have the Solar Auxilia Banelade.


….the iconic superheavy tank hits the battlefield in detachments of up to six, with a kit that can be used to create Baneblades or Hellhammers, alongside a huge range of hull, sponson, and cupola options.

We also have the Deimos pattern Rhino.


These are nice models that have potential for conversions. In the day I did a fair few Epic 40K conversions.

Also in the photos are a couple of Arvus flyers.

Legions Imperialis

We’ve seen these before in Aeronautica Imperialis.