Ork Kill Bursta and Kill Blasta

Oh, nice new Ork models from Forge World.

The Kill Bursta


and the Kill Blasta.


These two fearsome machines of destruction are variants on the Kill Krusha, nefarious brainchild of the Murda Meks of Tigrus. Both new kits come with a highly characterful Ork commander and Grot communication system, as well as additional turrets for even more dakka.

With typical Ork ingenuity, Mekboys often nail huge rams and bulldozer blades to the front of what are collectively known as Kill Tanks – all the better to crush and bludgeon the enemy as these brutal vehicles plough through even the heaviest fire.

These huge models are hulking, slab-sided armoured behemoths: each model is around 10’’ long, 5’’ wide, and 5’’ high – take a look at the picture galleries below to see these new Kill Tanks compared to other kits in the Warhammer 40,000 range.

The Kill Bursta mounts a huge-bore Kannon capable of destroying bunkers and siegeworks with ease – the calibre of its devastating shells are such that a single round has even been known to tear the leg from a scout-class Titan (although this could be as much down to luck than the skill of the tanks crew). More pictures of the Kill Bursta can be found here.

The Kill Blasta mounts an insane array of Shootas, Gatlers and rapid-firing Kannons, collectively called a Giga-Shoota. This arsenal of dakka is wired to fire at the same time, engulfing anything unlucky enough to be within range in a fury of shot and shell, leaving nothing but scorched earth and fragments of flesh and armour. More pictures of the Kill Blasta can be found here.

Both Kill Tanks are full resin kits designed by Darren Parwood, with crew sculpted by Mark Bedford, and are available to order here for immediate release.

Full rules and background for both the Kill Blasta and Kill Bursta will be included in the forthcoming Imperial Armour 8.

I do really like these new ‘eavy tanks for the Orks. Very tempted to get them both.