Free Judge Dredd Rules

The Judge Dredd miniatures game has been updated and is as usual free to download.

Judge Dredd is a 28mm skirmish game designed to be quick, easy to learn, and capable of handling the madness that is Mega-City One, from the powerful judges to the lowliest punk or mutant.

Players can choose from a range of forces present in Mega-City One and beyond, from the Judges of the Justice Department itself, to the nastiest street gangs from the worst sectors of the city. Add to this Klegg Invasion Forces, Cursed Earth Desperadoes, Fattie Stampedes and Sky Surfers, and the true madness of Mega-City One is set to hit your tabletop with a bang!

We are constantly updating the Judge Dredd rulebook, and it will always be available as a free download, allowing you to dive straight in and start building your forces. A complete camapign system is included that will let you build the experience and wealth of your force but at the same time there is a mercenary balancing system that permits even weak forces to play on an even level with much more powerful ones – even the likes of the Angel Gang and other well known faces from 2000AD.

I didn’t really read 2000AD when I was younger however I did go out and buy the Citadel Judge Dredd miniatures when they came out. I played a few games with them (using Warhammer 40000) and I also used them for a game or two of the Judge Dredd RPG that Games Workshop sold.
I will look at the rules, but somehow I don’t think I have the time to paint up new models…