Highway Patrol

As well as picked up the Implements of Carnage plastic sprues I also bought a blister of metal models for Gaslands. I bough the Highway Patrol figures.

You get five 20mm metal figures that are just the right size for Matchbox (Hot Wheels) size cars.

They are nice clean castings. I will be basing them and then undercoating with white paint. I am thinking I will use a blue contrast paint for their uniforms.

Implements of Carnage

Back in 2019 I published a blog post on the Implements of Carnage for Gaslands.

I have been meaning to get them for some time, but have never got round to it until now. I got both sprues, after a visit to Bristol Independent Gaming.

The original sprue has a nice mix of armour plates, weapons, dozer style blades and motorbikes.

The second sprue has the dirt buggies, choppers and other accessories.

I will be using them on some Matchbox cars I bought for Gaslands.