The Tyranids are an extragalactic composite species of hideous, insectoid xenos that is actually a space-faring ecosystem comprised of innumerable different bioforms which are all variations on the same genetic theme.

At Warhammer World there are some beautiful Tyranid models in the display cabinets.

Here are a couple of Maleceptors.

The Maleceptor is a living vessel for the Hive Mind. Warp energy spears from its eyeless cranium to vaporise anything in its path, and those with minds strong enough to survive its keening psychic screams are laid low by its powerful talons.

Here is a Tyranid Harpy.

Harpies are monstrous bioforms that fly with a deftness and agility unattainable by even the most sophisticated fighter-craft. As they soar overhead, they rain clusters of living bombs onto prey worlds and spit death from their forelimbs. A mean looking vicious  beast.

More photographs of Tyranids from Warhammer World, GamesDay and Simon’s collection.