Codex: Tau Empire – now available

Codex: Tau Empire is out and now available for your iPad. Can be a quick and easy way to get hold of the Codex and certainly useful.

Codex Tau Empire

Codex: Tau Empire is your comprehensive guide to unleashing the might of the Tau upon the battlefields of the 41st Millennium. This volume introduces the four Tau castes, the Ethereals, and their mercenary allies. This dynamic race has begun its Third Sphere Expansion, setting forth into the stars to grow the borders of their burgeoning empire and bring the Greater Good to the galaxy. This digital codex includes interactive miniatures galleries, lavish full colour artwork, and full rules for fielding an army of the Tau Empire on the battlefield.

Certainly at £29.99 it’s basically the same price as the printed version, so time to make a choice. Useful to have on the iPad if your opponent is Tau as you can switch very quickly to the digital version and not have to worry about carrying lots of heavy books around.


Get the updated version: Codex T’au Empire Enhanced Edition