Bolt Action Battlefield Debris

So got an e-mail from Warlord Games today and there at the end was news about these marvellous little pieces of scenery.

Bolt Action Battlefield Debris

Perhaps your Squad has pulled furniture from a damaged building, forming a make-shift barricade or you want to add some interior detail to you abandoned houses, the new Battlfield scatter terrain set gives you an awful lot of new casts to work with, including damaged walls, furniture and the option to build the formiddable ‘rosa sessel’ makeshift barricade known to be used to great effect in many scenarios here at Warlord HQ.

In the box you get hard plastic walls, furniture, a checkpoint, oh and a guard dog!

I think what caught my eye was the sofa and armchair. I could see them on my Operation Sealion battles where the Home Guard have quickly pulled out stuff from their homes and built a barricade.

I really like the models and though I think it’s a little pricey at £49.99 they look like they will really add to my (future) games of Bolt Action.

Available for pre-order, but I couldn’t see a release date.