Standard Beaverette

A Standard Beaverette of the Home Guard on patrol by a farm.

Home Guard Standard Beaverette
Home Guard Standard Beaverette

This is a 15mm scale model with farm buildings from Hornby’s N gauge Lyddle End range.

The first version of the vehicle was built in 1940 by Standard Motor Company at the instigation of Lord Beaverbrook, then Minister of Aircraft Production (hence the name Beaverette). It was based on commercial car chassis, on which a simple riveted armoured hull was mounted. The 11mm of steel was backed by 3 inch thick oak planks. The hull was open at the top and at the rear. The armament consisted of Bren machine gun which could be fired through a slot in the glacis armour. Subsequent versions received all-around protection and a machine gun turret – an enclosed one with Bren MG or an open-topped one with twin Vickers machine guns. Some vehicles also carried Boys anti-tank rifles. Some had No. 11 or No. 19 radio set. The production was stopped in 1942. About 2,800 units were delivered.

I have always liked the idea of gaming Operation Sealion and one day I may get some more of my collection painted and out on the gaming table.

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  1. I was trying to remember who made the model when I wrote this blog post. Your comment has unlocked the memory.

    Yes it was a SDD model. I bought a fair bit of SDD stuff when it came out, most of which is still in a box unpainted unfortunately, but I am aiming to get a fair bit of it painted up at some point.

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