Plaguereaper of Nurgle

Plaguereaper of Nurgle on display at GamesDay 2007.

 Converting a Plaguereaper requires a fairly high degree of modelling skill (and a particularly sinister mind, judging by our model shown here). These bastions of pestilence pour forth their corrosive filth onto the enemy, drowning the foe in flesh and armour-eating pus and muck. In game terms, the Plaguereaper shares much in common with a Baneblade, exchanging the main gun for the vile pus cannon. This Strength 7, AP 3 template weapon can dig out almost any defender from any position, the torrent of filth murdering anything shy of a Terminator. The mental image of a Plaguereaper plying its trade on the frontlines is almost as unpleasant as the battlefield reality.

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