Photographic Terrain

In a previous entry I mentioned how I was making some photographic terrain. Here are some pictures of the other board.

When taking photographs I use to create the scenery which took time to setup and time to break down.

Having less time means I don’t have time to setup the scenery. I have decided to build up some mini-scenery boards for photographic sessions. I got a cheap piece of MDF for 25pence which I cut into two pieces to make two lots of scenery boards.

The first thing I did was add some small stones to the board, you should be able to see an Ork battlewagon for scale purposes. I also glued some sand (from my son’s sandpit) to see how it looked.

Some large pieces of cork bark were added as cliffs.

…and as with all great movie props, held up by small bits of polystyrene.

This terrain board may be covered in snow or have a river.

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