Ork Kill Krusha

This is the Forge World Ork Kill Krusha on display at GamesDay 2009.

The top of the turret has been removed (and placed on the side). Another view of the Kill Krusha.

Kill Krushas are a heavy Ork tank design, based around the twin Ork loves of speed and extreme violence. These ‘mirakles’ of Orkish mekboy fabrication are alarmingly complex creations, high-sided and heavily armoured, whose internal spaces are filled with a mass of hydraulics, pistons, mechanised loader-gubbins and a very large and extremely temperamental engines. These are all tended by the frantic ministrations of numerous Grots who keep the rattling monster tank going with constant hammer blows, polishing and judicious application of oiler squigs. The tank’s main gun is its Krusha Kannon; a heavy bore, high velocity weapon capable of firing a variety of different shells. As well as standard explosive rounds, the Krusha Kannon can use armour-piecing ‘Tankhammas,’ shrapnel-filled ‘Scrap Kanisters’ able to rip open swathes of enemy infantry and incendiary ‘Blast Burnas’ which can drench fortifications with burning chemicals to roast alive anyone caught inside.

Back in April at the Forge World Open Day I snapped a few concept images of Ork tanks and these show the design process in producing the Kill Krusha model.

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