Ork Flakk Wagon

I think my favourite model from GamesDay 2008 was Forge World’s Ork Flakk Wagon.

We first saw the Forge World Ork Flakk Wagon at GamesDay 2008, still no sign of it been available. It was also on show at the Forge World Open Day 2009.

Still looking good. Wondering though when it will become available?

From a gaming perspective it can’t really be considered too important as I guess not too many gamers use aircraft in their games (but hey you never know).

From a model perspective it is just a conversion kit, it is not a full resin kit.

I really do like the way it looks, very Orky.

I also like it, because it means that Forge World are making more Ork stuff.

So what’s going to be next?

What do you think?

You can now see all my photographs from the Forge World Open Day 2009 in this gallery.

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