Ork Trukk with Big Lobba

GameDay Germany 2009 had very little “new stuff” which hadn’t been seen before. However on display on the Forge World stand were some new models (and the Flakk Wagon).

One new model was the Ork Trukk with Big Lobba.

Ork Trukk with Big Lobba

The Big Lobba had been seen at the Forge World Open Day 2009, and though various Ork Trukk concepts had also been seen, this one hadn’t. It has a new cab and rear section.

Now this is something which was mentioned in the instructions for the Ork Half Trakk about combining the Half Trakk chassis with different Forge World kits (which at the time I thought, what Forge World kits). It is obvious to me that you could combine the new parts of the trukk above with the Half Trakk chassis.

Also in that picture in the foreground are some new grots, ammo runts and grot riggers.

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