M40 Gun Motor Carriage (Self Propelled Gun)

M40 Gun Motor Carriage (Self Propelled Gun)

American WW2 and Korean war tracked self-propelled gun, crew of 2 plus gun crew of 6, powered by Continental 9-cylinder radial air-cooled petrol engine, armed with 155mm gun. Used by US forces in very small numbers in 1945 during the advance into Germany. It was used in much larger numbers during the Korean War, where it also equipped two British artillery regiments.

This vehicle reminded me when I built the Matchbox version of the SPG.

Matchbox M40

I was quite impressed with the model I made. The base provided in the kit was a little disappointing, as it was quite small, just a bit of ploughed field. Of course the size of the diorama scene base in these kits was very dependent on the size of the model. Smaller tanks and armoured cars had bigger and more scenic bases. Bigger vehicles like the M40 GMC came with small bases. I was always disappointed that the Airfix kits of the time didn’t come with bases.

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