Headlighting the Predator

The Predator is perhaps the best known and most widespread variant of the basic Rhino chassis. Augmented with superior armour and firepower, it entirely sacrifices the Rhino’s troop transport capacity in favour of ammunition and generators for its formidable weapon systems. 

Having got this kit for Christmas, I started putting the model together. For painting I kept the sponsons separate and I can easily remove the turret as well. I gave the model an undercoat of Citadel White Scar. I gave the model a couple of light coats of Daemonic Yellow. I  painted the main weapon, and the exhausts, with Leadbelcher. It was then onto shading the model. For the next stage I used some Citadel Layer Yriel Yellow. I took a large brush and gave the model, what I would call, a heavy drybrush. I then did some more drybrushing some lighter yellow paints. I then fixed the tracks to the Predator.

The next stage was adding some more details to the model, namely the headlights.

For the front headlights I used Citadel Layer Dorn Yellow. For the other lights in the headlights I used Citadel Base Mephiston Red.

I then did the protective grilles with an UNI black pen, rather than use paint on them.

I now need to add some more weathering.

I then do need to add some transfers.

See the workbench feature on the Deimos Pattern Predator Battle Tank.

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