Constructing the Deimos Pattern Predator Battle Tank

The Predator is perhaps the best known and most widespread variant of the basic Rhino chassis. Augmented with superior armour and firepower, it entirely sacrifices the Rhino’s troop transport capacity in favour of ammunition and generators for its formidable weapon systems. 

One of my Christmas presents was the Deimos Pattern Predator Battle Tank.

I started putting the model together. It does go together quite easily, though I found some parts challenging, especially the hull roof.

In the end I got some G clamps out to hold the hull roof in place and glued it into place with superglue rather than plastic cement. I think part of the reason was that I had run out of Humbrol Liquid Poly, but my local model shop had run out and the replacement I got was new to me and I am still getting use to it.

I went with the rapid-fire Predator cannon for the main turret weapon and lascannons for the sponsons.

For painting I kept the sponsons separate and I can easily remove the turret as well.

As with my demios-pattern Rhinos I left off the tracks and will paint them separately, before affixing them to the model. It can be challenging to get the track ends under the track guards, but with this deimos-pattern model it is easier than the previous Rhino model.

I did think about adding the prow or dozer blade to the model, but in the end I went with towing hooks as with my other model. The main reason was not so much the look, but more about the challenge in painting it, I am sure I would miss bits.

I am not too happy with the rear of the hull top and how it attaches to the hull.

See the workbench feature on the Deimos Pattern Predator Battle Tank.

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