Grey Knights Razorback

One other model I got for Christmas was a Forgeworld Razorback the one with the much bigger turret, which I much prefer over the plastic kit version that you get in the shops. As it is only £2 more now, I think the Forgeworld version is much better value for money.

Though you would get some spare weapon parts with the plastic version…

These are the extra resin pieces you get with the basic plastic Rhino kit.

This Razorback is going to be part of my Daemonhunters army.

However I hear you cry, that’s not in the Codex!

I am attempting to paint a Grey Knights force which goes beyond the listings in the DaemonHunters Codex. What I am trying to do is to create a Grey Knights force (using the Space Marine Codex) and then using a DaemonHunters force as allies.

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