Grey Knights Dreadnought Weapons

An excellent birthday present I got, was a Grey Knights Dreadnought from Forgeworld. This is a fantastically detailed model, with lots of engravings, purity seals

The only thing missing are the arms???

Originally I wasn’t sure whether to go for the Grey Knights arms, or make as Mortis version… Yes I know the fluff doesn’t support Grey Knights Mortis pattern dreadnoughts, but when have I ever been one for following fluff to the letter… oh me the heretic!

In the end I decided on a Mortis pattern, with a Psycannon and twin Lascannons.

The Mk IV from Forgeworld is a really nice model, and when you look at the  Venerable Dreadnought from the main Games Workshop, you wonder why they didn’t just copy the Forgeworld model.

The GW model looks clunky and as though the venerable components were just stuck on, whereas with the Forgeworld model the detailing is part of the model.

Not sure why I used a white undercoat!

See the full workbench feature on my Grey Knights Dreadnought.

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