GamesDay 2008 – Ork Battlewagon and Warboss Bike

Well back from an exhausting GamesDay 2008.

Posting the pictures online on the blog throughout the day seems to have worked out well, with a lot of discussion on Warseer as a result.

I also took two hundred photographs with my SLR so expect to see those in a day or two.

Saw some fantastic games, great models and still managed to miss a lot of stuff!

In the November issue of (the UK) White Dwarf you will be able to see a picture of the finished Ork Battlewagon which is been used as part of the Tale of Four Gamers.

I was going to take a photograph from the pre-production copy at GamesDay but the White Dwarf team were very insistent that I didn’t.

The model comprises (the already seen) tracks with two Trukk style wheels on each side at the front.

It looks nothing like the Forge World model.

The cab is similar to the original wheeled Battlewagon (from what 15 years ago now and used on the FW Gunwagon).

A similar looking Trukk conversion using the Battlewagon tracks in in the October WD (which was on sale at GD).

There will be either spare parts or conversion kits for the Battlewagon as well with turrets etc…

Interestingly there was no pre-production WD for December (there was at last year’s GD) and the reason I was given was “it would ruin the surprise”.

Asked if it was an Ork Stompa, no reply was given…

I also really liked Will Hayes’ Ork Boss Warbike which has a built in jet engine!

Warboss Bike


More later on this week.

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