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Hello everyone,

Welcome to Newsletter 170 and the Renegades have taken over Forge World! Today we have the much-anticipated release of the Renegade Ogryn Berserkers, along with even more corruption in the shape of the Renegade Militia Artillery Crew and Renegade Sabre Platforms, as well as some great new painted examples of our existing Militia.

In this newsletter you can also find more information about our forthcoming Forge World Open Day event on the 1st of April at Warhammer World, and no it`s not an April Fools!

Alan Bligh
Forge World.

Brute Savagery

Newly spawned from the twisted imagination of Mark Bedford are the Renegade Ogryn Berserkers for Warhammer 40K. A great addition to our Renegade Militia forces, (full details and rules for which will be found in the next volume of Imperial Armour), these bestial fighters can equally be used to represent Big Mutants for your Lost & Damned army, Ogryn troops for Traitor Guard armies, as well as making a characterful addition for a regular Imperial Guard army or Penal Legion force with a little extra effort to convert them.

There are five individual Ogryn models in total; each with a unique industrial style two-handed weapon, (pickaxe, hammer, sledge hammer and, well …lamppost & concrete block) and their number includes one even larger Boss model with an augmentic power drill replacing his entire arm. These hulking multi-part models are extensively detailed with tattered hoods, improvised armour plates, ragged blades, crude implants, breather pipes and chem-injector rigs, as well as the scars and stigmata that mark their corruption.

These Ogryns have been causing a stir among Chaos players and collectors alike ever since the first sketches for them were previewed last year, and personally I think the end results more than live up to expectations, and in fact I’ve already succumbed to temptation regarding these monsters myself!

The Renegade Ogryn Berserkers are available for pre-order NOW for release from the 2nd April onwards both individually and as a special set of five. We’re also hoping to have a limited number for sale at our Forge World Open Day on April 1st.

New Pictures of Painted Renegade Militia Models

By following the link Here you can find some new pictures of painted examples of our Renegade Militia range made using the Cadian Shock Trooper plastics as a base and painted by John Carter (Warlord of Mars). He`s chosen a dark and corrupted industrial feel of rusted iron, greys and browns for his paint scheme, although of course there are many ways in which you could model and paint your own renegade forces.

More Renegade Releases

Further rounding out the releases for the Renegade Militia this newsletter are our new Renegade Militia Artillery Crew and Renegade Sabre Platforms. The artillery crew feature three new models and can be used in conjunction with our other models such as the Heavy Mortar, Earthshaker Platform etc or even as crewmembers for a standard Basilisk. The Renegade Sabre Platforms (available in Autocannon, Lascannon, Heavy Bolter and the infantry-shredding quad Heavy Stubber configurations) really give your forces the option for the addition of some serious extra firepower and air defence. These new releases stack up with our other renegades allowing you a wide range of options for your army, and are easily adaptable for a force or collection using the rules found in the Imperial Guard Codex or the Lost & Damned army list, or of course the forces you will find in our forthcoming Imperial Armour Volume Five.

These new renegade releases are available to pre-order NOW for release commencing the 2nd April.

Forge World Open Day – Sunday April 1st

The first ever Forge World Open Day is now just a little over two weeks away! On Sunday April 1st, Forge World will take over most of Warhammer World in Nottingham and spend the entire day showcasing exactly what we can offer to expand and supplement your hobby.

Are You Coming Along?

As entry to Warhammer World for the Forge World Open Day is completely free and we’re laying on a variety of interesting activities and attractions, it could be quite a busy day.

To help make sure we get our staffing and catering requirements right, if you are planning on coming to the Forge World Open Day, can we ask you to let us know by sending us a blank email to with how many people will be coming in your party in the title?

Whilst I am thinking about catering, Bugman’s bar will be open and ready to refresh and refuel those in need of a drink or a bite to eat all day and they will be serving from a full lunch menu from 12-3pm.

Forge World Painting Competition

Remember we’ll be running a special painting competition on the day too. The rules are very simple. Models entered into the competition must be made by Forge World or contain parts made by Forge World and the competition is open to anyone except employees of Games Workshop. Most importantly, the judges’ decision is final. The judges will be looking for the best painted and most characterful representation of a Forge World model.

Judging will be made by multi-Golden Demon winner and Forge World Designer Mark Bedford and myself, Ewen Little, winner of nothing, but long time judge of the prestigious Forge World Best of Show award at Games Days around the world.

The winner will be presented with a rather nice trophy we’re having made up, and have their winning entry photographed and displayed on our website for the world to admire.

Reservations and Buying Stuff

The Forge World sales stand will be in its usual place in the main hall where we should have examples of all our newest kits and models on display for you to drool over and take a much closer look at.

Anything that you might want to buy we will get picked and packed from our warehouse that day but if you want to place a reservation order to collect on the day without waiting, please just send us an email titled ‘Reservation order’ to containing your name and a list of what you’d like us to have ready for you to collect. Alternatively, give Simon, Alan or Stuart a quick call on the phone and they`ll be happy to take care of that for you too. Please get your reservations in to us by 6pm Wednesday March 28th so we can get them all picked and packed up for you.

`Children In Need` Charity Raffle – Win a Warhound Titan

If you`re feeling lucky and would like to give a little money to a worthwhile cause at the same time, we`ll be holding a charity raffle to be drawn at the end of the day. A mere £1 per ticket will enter you into the draw to win a Mars pattern Warhound Titan worth £280! Every single penny raised by the raffle competition will be given to the charity `Children In Need` so please buy some tickets and you could go home with a huge Titan model under your arm and a warm glow from helping out kids in less fortunate circumstances.

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