Extra Large Ork Landa

Now here’s a way of getting lots of Orks on the ground…

I was thinking about the Defence Force and about having some aircraft or ships larger than the ones sold by Forgeworld (and GW) and have thought about for some time a large Ork Heavy Bomber converted from the FW Imperial Maurauders.

I also like the Landa concept from Epic Armageddon though I think the model is somewhat too small (hopefully FW will bring out a “bigger” in scale version).

I also noticed the resemblance between the Landa and the Rebel Transport in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

Large Rebel Transport

As I purchased many moons ago the AMT/ERTL Hot Base kit which comes with an approximate 1/200th scale model kit of the Rebel Transport, I got thinking. It would make a great Extra Large Landa (or should that be a Big Landa in Ork speak).

I had thought originally about using the Transport as an Imperial Transport, but the more I look at it the more I keep thinking Ork Landa…

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