Ork forces in the desert

Here is a group shot of my desert style Ork vehicles.

Ork armoured vehicles on the move

There are a real mix of old and new models, metal and resin.

As you can see I have followed *fashion* and I have based the miniatures which has its advantages and disadvantages.

Epic Ork Trukks

I have since photographing these got some more brown paints from GW so I can continue the brown theme but maintain a distinctness between the vehicles.

Lungburstaz on patrol

Though not quite finished, here are my Lungburstaz which after their base coat have had a wash of Chestnut Ink, Scorched Brown and water.

Epic Lungbursta

One of the things about these older models is that they are made with a softer metal, which though great for conversions is susceptible to knocks and even just pressure. I caused a few mishaps with mine when I was getting them off the wood stick I had glued them to.

I do like the Lungbursta model and I am pleased to see you can still get it.