Warhammer 40K Rulebook

The newest edition of Warhammer 40000 is now out in the shops in the UK and I now have my copy.

Costing £30, the 288 page rulebook is a massive tome and I was pleased to see it was a hardback edition – my previous edition was paperback!

Unlike previous editions, this is a more an update on the previous version rather than a whole new version. In theory previous codices will still “work” with the new rules.

Operation Sealion

Interesting links on the proposed German invasion of England…

I have quite a few books on Sealion.

The overall conclusion of most historians (and what if experts) is that Sealion could never have succeeded… having said that the whole what if of Sealion makes for interesting games.

In the past I had quite a few games with Home Guard versus German paratroopers, great fun.

I once wrote an alternative Sealion, Otaire de Vigneur, the French invasion of England circa 1940. Though the french strategy of eclair was never taken seriously by British officers in the field.

If you consider the logistics of D-Day, the allies built two ports (Mulberry), the Germans would have had to capture an English port.


Second World War bunker on the West Somerset Railway…

I was quite lucky to catch a picture of this…

stuck the camera out of the window and snapped a shot as the train passed Dunster Castle.

This (I presume) Second World War bunker (or pillbox) was very likely built to defend the railway from German attack. From what I could see it was in pretty good condition.