Undercoating the Grey Knights Land Raider

Grey Knights can use Land Raiders, when I first started putting this force together I knew that if I was going to get a Land Raider it would have to be the Forge World MkIIB Land Raider.

However I was also lucky enough to receive a second Land Raider as a present. It was the Terminus model, however I decided to build it as a standard Land Raider.

Having made the model I gave it a black undercoat.


I kept the weapons as separate assemblies, I would also be adding the tracks later too.


Now I made a mistake when I ordered my Mark IIb Land Raider, you get a set of doors and I (foolishly) asked them to replace the supplied eagle doors with Grey Knights Land Raider doors. Now what I didn’t realise was that the side doors on the sponson are not the same size as the Land Raider doors, but are in fact the same size as Rhino side doors. So the Grey Knight doors are too big! However this meant I could use them on this new Land Raider.

Notice how the doors are at the rear, it never made sense to me to have the main weaponry firing in the way of the side doors… so the main lascannons are at the front and the access doors at the rear.

See the full workbench feature on this Grey Knights Land Raider.

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