The Grapple

As per usual a different cover for the UK edition…

I noticed on Amazon that the UK edition of The Grapple is about to be released. Though I have already bought and read the US edition I have always liked to see the different covers that are used on the different editions.

As you can see above the US edition (on the right) has paratroopers landing, whils the UK edition has gone for a Confederate Navy ship.

The books is a typically good Turtledove read, which I enjoyed and was slightly disappointed that this series(of the series) is not a trilogy, on other words there is at least one more book on the way.

One difference which I did like was the fact that Harry intertwined some of the characters, usually this happens rarely in his books, so it was nice to see some of the characters meet.

The United States have found their fighting form at last. Pushed back from Pittsburgh, by 1944 the Confederate States of America are struggling to hold their ground against an American army that seems to grow stronger by the day. While the United States press on towards the Mississippi valley, Jake Featherston’s strategists in Richmond look for some way – any way – to slow down their inexorable advance. Deep in the heartland the extermination camps continue, but when all hope seems lost for their victims, the United States army turns at last towards the Texas plains. The fate of both sides, though, may lay elsewhere. A new menace appears in the Atlantic, intent on attacking the United States and scientists on both sides of the rapidly-moving border have nearly perfected an awesome new weapon that will guarantee victory for whoever uses it first. The greatest war of the twentieth century – fought this time in the heart of America – moves towards its blood-soaked climax.

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