Painting Rebel Troopers

Rebel troopers, also known as Rebel soldiers or Alliance troopers, were the front-line soldiers of both the early rebel movement and later, the Rebel Alliance against the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War. Initially formed from loosely connected resistance cells, the leadership of Mon Mothma saw them become an impressively armed and trained galaxy-spanning infantry.

In the Star Wars Legion starter box you get fourteen Rebel models, with two each of seven variations. There are two offices, four with heavy weapons and eight “regular” troopers.

Having started to revisit my Star Wars Legion Rebel Troopers, flocking their bases and giving them a white undercoat the next stage will be painting them.

I started planning the painting of my Star Wars Legion Rebel Troopers.

We first really see Rebel Troopers in The Empire Strikes Back on Hoth. These Rebel Troopers are equipped for fighting in the harsh freezing conditions of Hoth. There uniforms are light brown and white.

I didn’t want to go down that cold road, as my Imperial Stormtroopers are not equipped for cold weather.

In Return of the Jedi we see more Rebel Troopers on the forest moon of Endor.

These have uniforms ideal for the wooded environment they were going to be fighting in. The Empire troops on the other hand were still equipped with the white shiny armour!

There are plenty of options open for playing games in terms of terrain, from the snow of Hoth, to the forest moon of Endor. As I really like the Rogue One film, I decided that I wanted to go with the colour scheme that the troopers in Rogue One had on Scarif.

Challenge though was finding some decent images of the rebel troopers. So best go back to the source material and I watched the film.

I re-watched the battle scene, pausing as I went.

There was no consistency across the uniforms, there were many different colours used. Kind of what you would expect from a newly formed rebel army.

As there are duplicate models in my collection of Rebel Troopers, that gives me an excuse to use different colours across the force.

Seven will be mainly green and seven will be mainly light brown.

Initially I painted a couple of models, one with Militarum Green contrast paint and the other Snakebite Leather.

Next step will be adding details to the models. Oh and buying some Shoretroopers.