"Imperial Guard Vehicles" – Airfix Preview 2012

So there I was looking through the Airfix preview for 2012 when I saw two models and immediately thought they would make for really nice Imperial Guard armoured vehicles.

They were the Supacat HMT600 Coyote.

Airfix Supacat HMT600 Coyote

And the Supacar HMT400 Jackal.

Airfix Supacar HMT400 Jackal

As they are 1/48th scale they would fit very well with the 25/28mm size of the Imperial Guard.

Of course with some ramshackle additions they would also make for some really nice Ork vehicles too.

Knowing Airfix, we probably won’t see these in the flesh until the latter part of 2012, but they do have potential.