"ruin the surprise"

When I was at GamesDay I had a chat with the White Dwarf crew about future issues. They only had the October and November issues available to preview. The October issue was in fact on sale at GamesDay, though the November issue did have a picture of the Ork Battlewagon. I was told by the WD crew that the December issue wasn’t at GamesDay as that would “ruin the surprise”.

Now what was that “surprise”?

I wondered at the time if it was going to be the Ork Stompa, now I think looking at the Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tabletop Gaming blog was the “surprise” a plastic Lizardman Stegadon?

I don’t have the issue of White Dwarf to hand so I can’t check to see what else is in it, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

There may be a few ways I think I could use a plastic Stegadon in my Warhammer 40K games.