As well as Killa Kans, George Dellapina’s funky Speed Freeks Ork army on display at Bristol Conflict 2004 included a flight of nice converted Deffkoptaz.

He had converted the pilots (this was the inspiration behind my converted pilots) and added Big Shootaz from Killa Kans as they matched whereas the twin-linked version on the model didn’t really look like a Big Shoota.

Deffkoptaz are now part of the main Ork Codex (released in January 2008) and in theory (after been mail order only) will be sold in the shops as a boxed set.

The Speed Freeks list only allowed three, the new Codex allows a flight of five, so I might get two more.

However I may wait as (as with the Killa Kans) there are weapon options which are not available on the metal model, so there may be a new plastic model.

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