Rogue Trader Space Ork Raiders

One of the nice things about Warhammer World is that they don’t ignore what has been before. Here is an original box of Space Ork Raiders from the Rogue Trader era in the late 1980s.

Space Ork Raiders

These Orks were metal castings and are smaller than their later bulky bigger  Orks that came later. Though they had similar poses the castings were all different. I really like the artwork on the box, which is somewhat abstract but it works for me.

I did have this boxed set and this is one of them.

Not entirely sure where all the other Orks went…

I might see if I can find them, or even try and find a box on eBay.

The box was useful as well, as there was an expanded polystyrene tray in the box that the metal miniatures came in, but this meant that it was also useful for carrying the painted miniatures in, to games and for storage. As a result my box became somewhat tatty.