Scorpius Missile Tank coming soon

GW have announced the Scorpius Missile Tank for The Horus Heresy.

Built on the ubiquitous Deimos Rhino chassis the Scorpius Missile Tank was designed at the request of none other than the close-combat hungry Space Wolves. All of their huffing and puffing couldn’t blow down the fortified xenos bastion-cities they came up against in their earlier campaigns, but a massive missile launcher system was just the ticket to bring them tumbling down. Their Barrage weaponry provides invaluable indirect fire against all sorts of targets – whether they are clad in ceramite or not.

Feels a little tall for me, but then again most Space Marine Whirlwind variants are on the tall side.

This is of course a new plastic kit based on the original Forge World resin kit.

Here is that model (well three of them) in The Battle of Signus Prime display at Warhammer World.