Who’s back? He’s back…

Well I enjoyed the first episode of Doctor Who. Very epic and ambitious and setting it in American appeared to work. The result was really what they should have done when they tried to re-make Doctor Who in 1996 and Paul McGann took on the role. I am sure that if the American version was like last night’s opening episode then it may have been a success.

However back to the new episode, as I said, the American setting worked well and though I was expecting it to be a little cheesy, I didn’t think it was in the end. Reminded me slightly of an episode of the X-Files, but with a little more humour.

Nixon and the Oval Office was done well and seeing Confidential showed how much work was done in creating that infamous room in the White House. I did like the fact that it wasn’t modern America, but was 1960s America. This is why I think it worked over the modern setting of the 1996 American remake.

I was touched and enjoyed the tribute to Elizabeth Sladen that followed the opening episode. Wonderful tributes and clips about her life in Doctor Who.

I am looking forward to the next episode of Doctor Who and the series as a whole, slightly disappointed we have a split season, as I hate gaps, but I can see how it spreads the Doctor more over the year.

Sad news, Elizabeth Sladen dies

Sad news today, Doctor Who actress Elizabeth Sladen who played Sarah Jane Smith has died aged just 63. Sarah Jane Smith was the Doctor’s companion in the 1970s playing opposite both Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker; however she came back more recently to play opposite David Tennant and in new spin off series, the Sarah Jane Adventures she also got to meet Matt Smith’s Doctor.

My own memories of Sarah Jane Smith are from the Genesis of the Daleks where she meets Davros and encounters the Daleks.

Sad news indeed today and my sympathies go out to her family.

Doctor Who spin-off set for CBBC

Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies is to bring back one of the Doctor’s most famous companions for a new children’s TV series…

The Sarah Jane Adventures on CBBC will star Elisabeth Sladen, who played Sarah Jane Smith opposite Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker between 1973 and 1976.

The series kicks off with a one-hour special early next year.

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