Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a

The Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5 is a British biplane fighter aircraft of the First World War. It was developed at the Royal Aircraft Factory. It was one of the fastest aircraft of the war, while being both stable and relatively manoeuvrable. 

A formidable fighter, second only to the Sopwith Camel in reputation, the S.E.A was the most successful Royal Aircraft Factory design.

Wartime urgency meant five companies produced 5,125 S.E.5 aircraft in less than 18 months.

The S.E.5a at RAF London was one of a fleet of Hendon-based S.E.5a aircraft operated by the Savage Skywriting company from 1924 to 1930. It was built in Birmingham In 1918 and flew with the RAF Occupation Forces In Germany In 1919.