Imperial Guard Regimental Advisors

I have been revising and editing a fair few pages of my blog after changing hosts, as well as converting the gallery and workbench pages to the blog.

One of the blog posts I edited was this one on the Imperial Guard Regimental Advisers from May 2009

Officer of the Fleet

There are some really nice Imperial Guard releases in May from Games Workshop. As well as the nice plastic Valkyrie, one other release is looking like a possible purchase, the Imperial Guard Regimental Advisors.

The commander of an Imperial Guard army is assisted by a host of orderlies, adjutants, aides de camps and specialist advisors from outside the regiment who are able to liaise with other elements of the battle group.

This blister contains three metal Imperial Guard Advisors, including: an Officer of the Fleet, a Master of Ordinance and an Astropath.

I am thinking they might make good characters for the Warhammer 40K role-playing game or as part of an Inquisitorial retinue.

Ah as I read the blog post I thought those are really nice miniatures, I doubt they are available now, or they will got for a pretty penny on eBay. As with a lot of legacy classic models I park that idea and move on.

So I was pleasantly surprised when looking through a box of unpainted models to find I had in fact bought the Imperial Guard Regimental Advisers blister and had all three models.

Well pleased.