Transports away…

Rebel Transport

I really like X-Wing for recreating the star fighter conflicts from the Star Wars universe. It’s a fun game and one that can be played with a few ships or a fair few.

In a previous blog posts I talked about how I used the Keepa service to find price reductions on the X-Wing Starter Set on Amazon and the C-ROC crusier.

Using Keepa I have managed to find the X-Wing starter boxed set on Amazon for just £8.99, the list price is £36.99. Using the same service I was able to find the C-ROC Cruiser for just £16.99 which has a list price of £55.98.

One model I wanted for a long time for X-Wing was the Rebel Transport.

Rebel Transport

I managed to get it for just £16.92 which is an amazing deal for a model which has a list price of £54.99 and includes an X-Wing fighter which is usually about £15 anyhow.

Star Wars X-Wing Rebel Transport Expansion Pack , FFGSWX11

I was well pleased.

Of course with Keepa, you ca keep track of prices of the Rebel Transport on Amazon. This is useful if you want to see the history of prices for the miniature. You can then trigger an e-mail alert when the price reaches a particular level.