Retreat from Kitzu VII

 This diorama was one of the displays at Warhammer World.

Responding to reports of alien-worshipping cults rising on Kitzu VII, Kayvaan Shrike leads his Raven Guard to reinforce the planet’s Imperial defenders. Upon arrival, the Space Marines discover a world already overrun by Tyranid monstrosities. Determined to salvage something from the disaster, Shrike’s warriors hunt down and kill several of the evolved xenos beasts, harvesting bio-samples for future study. In danger of being surrounded and devoured, the Space Marines stage a fighting retreat across the Celestrus macro-viaduct, their Stormraven gunship moving to extract them.

Many of the Tyranid miniatures were from the (dismantled) Valedor diorama. The Valedor diorama showcased Eldar defending again the Tyranid hordes.

On the dying world of Duriel, once the glittering capital of the Valedor system, the forces of the Eldar Craftworld Iyandem attempt to halt the advance of the Tyranid Hive Fleet Kraken.