15mm P1000 Ratte

From the workbench at Forged in Battle…

15mm P1000 Ratte

If I didn’t know any better I would have said it was the 1st April when I saw this model.

It’s huge! In 15mm scale it’s over a foot long (30cm). Of course in reality it was never built, it never got beyond the drawing stage, with a few plans put together.

Armed with twin 280mm naval guns and powered by two U-Boat engines it would have dominated the landscape before it entered into battle. It would also have been a prime target for allied airpower.

I have written before about Late War Monsters for Flames of War.

I would also like to see some Late War Monsters in a similar vein to the Mid War Monsters that we have seen before. As well as the German Maus, King Tiger II and E series, we could on the allied side see the Centurion and M26 Pershing. There are also the T29 and T30 US Heavy Tanks that could also be fielded.

When I wrote that I didn’t consider the outlandish super heavy tanks, the P1000 Ratte or even the P1500 Monster. Who would have thought that someone would go and make one of these two huge German tank designs.