Naming the Doctor

Name of the Doctor
Really enjoyed watching Name of the Doctor last night on the BBC.

So we didn’t get to know the name of the Doctor (which I am pleased about) but we did get to see all the original classic Doctors, in addition to David Tennant and Chris Eccleston.

I liked the explanation of the “impossible girl” and her interactions with the other incarnations of the Doctor.

From a technical perspective, I did think that the editing of classic Doctor Who needed a little bit more work. If you have watched Deep Space Nine’s Trouble with Tribbles episode, you know it is possible to combine old footage with new stuff. I wonder though if the problem was that the old Doctor Who footage was shot on video tape (rather than film) and that was reflected when watching this episode in HD. Still nice and clever to get everyone in there.

I won’t reveal much more as I suspect some people are yet to see it (via iPlayer and the like). It was great to see Madam Vastra, Jenny and Strax again.

Now looking forward to the 50th Anniversary episode in November…