OldHammer Dwarves

Here are some old Warhammer Fantasy Dwarves from my collection. These are metal Dwarf miners, which are over twenty years old now.

I enjoyed painting these at the time I remember, liking the blue uniforms, the snowy bases and the candles on the helmets. They reminded me very much of the dwarf army I had back in the 1980s and I liked the style of the sculpting from Colin Dixon.

I also had a pack of the drunken dwarves from the same era, which also included one of the miners above.

I think my plan at the time was to paint a complete Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf army using this scheme.

There were a fair few models in this range and I now wish I had managed to get more of them.

However after painting these six dwarves, I didn’t get any further with the army, and didn’t buy any more models, as I got distracted by other games and models. I have a few more part-painted dwarves, so might think about painting them to make a least a small skirmish force.