Merlin on DVD

I really enjoyed BBC’s Merlin, but I can now get it on DVD.

Merlin Vol.1 [2008]

Merlin Vol.2 [2008]

Well Volume 1 is available now, Volume 2 in the next few weeks.

I know some think it was a bit “silly” and not very true to the legends of Arthur and Merlin, however my view was that the series wasn’t trying to do that it was much more about being an enjoyable TV series rather than an accurate version of the mythical legends of Arthur.


Tonight I watched episode five of Merlin from the BBC. I am really enjoying this series and I think the concept behind the young Merlin is a very clever idea.

It’s not trying to be pretentious as ITV’s Robin of Sherwood back in the 1980s often was. It is quite similar to the BBC’s recent interpretation of Robin Hood.

Looking forward to seeing how the series pans out.

Here comes Merlin

With the (very short) Merlin teaser after the last episode of Doctor Who, the BBC have announced further details about the new series.

Merlin is a thrilling fantasy drama set to enchant family audiences in a brand new 13-part series on BBC One this September.

Every Saturday night audiences are destined to experience a series of magical adventures, as they follow the unlikely friendship of a would-be wizard (Merlin) and the future King (Prince Arthur).

The drama brings together a cast of acclaimed British actors (Richard Wilson as Gaius, Anthony Head as King Uther Pendragon) as well as exciting new faces.
Colin Morgan is the young wizard Merlin, Bradley James is the arrogant but brave Prince Arthur, rising star Angel Coulby is Guinevere and newcomer Katie McGrath is Morgana.

Multi-award-winning actor John Hurt has just been cast as the Voice of the Great Dragon. Enigmatic and powerful, he alone knows Merlin’s true destiny.

Read the full press release.

Sounds very interesting, and as The Mill are in charge of special effects (they do most of the SFX on Doctor Who) it should look fantastic.

Looking forward to it.


Straight after the final episode of Doctor Who the BBC ran a (very) short trailer which basically consisted of the following screen.


A look on the BBC wesbite reveals nothing at the time of writing.

So I did a quick Google search and found this article on the Guardian from 2005.

Merlin is one of a number of dramas being developed for the 7pm Saturday slot following the runaway success of Doctor Who earlier this year, which is credited with reviving family viewing.

The new BBC1 drama would concentrate on Merlin’s early life. In literature and on screen Merlin has been variously portrayed as a key figure in the Camelot story, acting as King Arthur’s adviser, poet and magician, but also as a villainous character.

There is also a later article from the Guardian from this year which has more detail, notably that Anthony Head is in the series.

The BBC has started filming on Merlin, a fantasy drama about Arthurian legend featuring Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Little Britain star Anthony Head and One Foot in the Grave’s Richard Wilson.

The 13-part drama will be broadcast in the autumn and stars a trio of newcomers as the young Merlin, Arthur and Guinevere.

Head will star as Arthur’s father, Uther Pendragon, while Wilson will play court physician Gaius in the Saturday teatime BBC1 series, slated for the family drama slot occupied by the likes of Doctor Who and Robin Hood.

The drama will be set in the mythical city of Camelot, and focus on Merlin as a wizard on the brink of adulthood who clashes with a young Prince Arthur.

Looks interesting. Sounds similar in style to the BBC’s Robin Hood.