The Germans are coming

Though I really like the concept behind Battlefront’s World War Three game, Team Yankee, and I have the rules, I have not got any of the models as the US vs USSR hasn’t really appealed (and to be honest I have a bundle of Flames of War models still to paint).

Last year Battlefront teased us that there would be British and German models for Team Yankee and in the recent update we saw the first preview of the Germans.

Leopard Preview

There will be three new plastic kits: the Leopard 2 MBT, the Marder IFV and the Bo-105P Helicopter. Here is a nice video preview of the Leopard Tank

This is still NATO vs Warsaw Pact, but I have been reminded of an article I wrote for Wargames Illustrated back in the 1990s on a modern English Civil War set in the 1990s. Based on the break up of Yugoslavia, the background had the United Kingdom falling apart and descending into civil war. One aspect of the background was European involvement, as well as from the USA. Now with the Germans, the US and forthcoming British forces I could move the whole background back ten years and play games with British on British forces, with German allies and US forces on the side.

I am wondering what British forces they will be releasing?