Kampfgruppe Normandy

As mentioned previously on this blog, Warhammer Historical’s set of World War Two rules is to be published shortly and is available for pre-order.

Written by Warwick Kinrade, Kampfgruppe Normandy is a huge 348 page, full colour hardback book containing rules for playing miniature wargames set in Normandy during the summer of 1944.

Kampfgruppe Normandy is a completely new games system that includes detailed rules for such aspects of warfare as: command and control, suppressing fire with small arms and high-explosives, direct and indirect fire, aircraft attacks and anti-aircraft fire. It also includes a unique battle group morale system to determine the victor in each battle. The rules can be played using any 1/72 scale (20mm) WWII plastic, metal and resin infantry, vehicles and terrain kits.

Kampfgruppe Normandy includes over 100 photographs taken during the war by those who were there, many rarely seen before. The book contains eight army lists from which players can build combined-arms battle groups: four Allied lists, for both British and American Armoured and Infantry divisions and four German lists, covering both SS and Wehrmacht Panzer divisions, and Werhmacht Infantry and Fallschirmjäger divisions.

It also contains two mini-campaigns set in the British and American sectors of Normandy which provide extensive background information, scenarios and equipment data as well as full-colour uniform guides for German, American and British forces.

Kampfgruppe Normandy is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 26th April.

They certainly sound interesting and though designed for 20mm miniatures I am sure the rules would work with 15mm or 28mm miniatures too.

I like the idea that it is a hardbacked book, so expecting it be similar to the Forge World series of books (most of which were also written by Warwick). I am also interested to see the model photographs in the book too, which I expect will be quite inspiring.

So with this release, will we see future releases covering other parts of World War Two? I suspect so.