Here come the Jokaero

Well I didn’t see that coming…

We are seeing the return of the Jokaero to the Warhammer 40000 universe.

Jokaero are heavyset, orange-furred apes with retractable fingers and toes, similar in appearance to the orang-utans of ancient Terra. Yet this primitive appearance is completely misleading. Jokaero are technosavants without peer and have an instinctive understanding of machinery and technological systems. So great is their skill that they can customise almost any weapon or equipment, giving a group of Henchmen more powerful weapons, better protection or even both at the same time. While outwardly they appear to be unarmed, Jokaero digital weapons can prove to be deadly, whether they choose to use a powerful laser, a flame thrower or a devastating melta weapon.

First seen in the original Rogue Trader Warhammer 40000 rule book, this is the first time an actual miniature has been released. Reminding me slightly of the Librarian from the Discworld novels I think this miniature, as well as working with the Grey Knights and Inquisitors, would also be a handy model to have to use with the Rogue Trader RPG.