Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince finished…

Finally finished Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and it was quite good.

Maybe my expectations were too high, but I was very slightly disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy it and the last few chapters were very exciting, but there did not seem to be a story in there except the telling of the story of Lord Voldemort.

Maybe that was the story.


Got Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for only £4.99….

Well I got my copy in the end from Asda for £4.99 in the end, they matched the price being charged by Kwiksave. No queues, but lots of people picking up a copy to buy.

They must have lost money on he deal as according to trader insiders, the wholesale cost is £7.64 and anyone selling for less than that is making a loss…

What made it an even better deal was that we also bought some fruit drinks and they messed up the multibuy so they gave us another two pounds back, which means I actually only paid £2.99 for the book….

Have read a few chapters now and am enjoying it…