Handley Page HP.137 Jetstream

The Handley Page HP.137 Jetstream is a small twin-turboprop airliner, with a pressurised fuselage.

This Jetstream which served at RAF Finningley was on display at RAF Cosford.

Jetstream T Mk.1

The aircraft was designed to meet the requirements of the United States commuter and regional airline market. The design was later improved and built by British Aerospace as the BAe Jetstream 31 and BAe Jetstream 32, featuring different turboprop engines.

26 Jetstream T Mk.1 aircraft were ordered from Scottish Aviation Ltd at Prestwick for RAF Training Command (XX475 – XX500) to serve as multi-engined pilot training aircraft to replace the Vickers Varsity, with 16 later modified and diverted to the Royal Navy.