15mm US Grizzly Medium Walker

At Reveille, the Bristol show last year I spent a little time looking at the models and talking to the guys at Clockwork Goblin Miniatures about their great 15mm (and 28mm) alternative World War Two infantry, walkers and tanks, called War Without End.

In the end I bought a single blister, a 15mm US Kodiak Assault Walker.

I was lucky enough to get some more blisters as a present, including the 15mm US Grizzly Medium Walker.

It looks like a lovely clean casting and by using 3D computer design, you have a really good sculpt with the sort of lines and shapes you would expect from a full scale factory manufactured vehicle. This is a really nice alternative model for World War Two games and at 15mm perfect for Flames of War.

This is how the model looks when finished (from the Clockwork Goblin website).

Looking forward to putting this one together and getting it on the table.