The designer and creator of the Daleks was Davros.

This is another of 1990s Harlequin Miniatures’ licensed range of 28mm metal miniatures.

Davros first appeared on our TV screens in Genesis of the Daleks and I remember that dark and quite philosophical episode well.

This is the adventure that goes right back to the roots of the Daleks, from their humble beginnings to the point where they become the Doctor’s most fearsome foes. Across the six episodes, we find that the Doctor has been sent to the planet Skaro, where he discovers the evil genius Davros, who is about to fully unleash his deadliest creations into the universe. Accompanied by Harry and Sarry, The Doctor also finds himself stuck in the middle of an ongoing war between the Thals and The Kaleds, in a story packed with danger and adventure.

Genesis of the Daleks