Escher Cutters available to pre-order next week

The Escher Cutters for Necromunda which were previewed in August will be available to pre-order next week.

The Escher Cutter is a solution dreamed up by the engineers of the House of Blades, who are clearly enjoying slightly too many of their own Clan Chymists’ chemical creations. It’s a jetbike in its purest form – a giant engine propelling Escher gangers at staggering speeds and the ability to soar over buildings and rivals. Combine that with the underslung weapons – a choice of twin-linked grenade launchers, plasma guns, or heavy stubbers – and these beauties really pack a punch, no matter where they are in the engagement zone.

Looking at them again, I am thinking they would make great Tallarn Rough Riders.

They certainly have a Star Wars Tattonie desert planet buzz about them, which, made me think of using them with my desert Imperial Guard Tallarn models.

Obviously I would need to convert the riders, but there are quite a few third party Tallarn alternate heads available now.