Flames of War Scenery

Having spent a bit of time making and painting models for Flames of War I have been thinking about doing some terrain. As well as potentially buying resin scenery, I have also been thinking about making some of my own.

There are lots of sources available on the web that can be used to inspire or to provide ideas for models. One recent find was the following entry on How to be a Retronaut on the destruction of Epinal in France during World War Two.

Epinal is a town in north-eastern France that was hit badly both by the German invasion in 1940 and subsequently with the liberation of the town by American forces four years later.

The destruction was horrific in 1940 as you can see from these images.

destruction of Epinal in 1940

destruction of Epinal in 1940

Likewise there was added destruction four years later as the forces of liberation pushed the Germans back.

destruction of Epinal in 1944

From a modelling perspective these photographs give you an idea of what war torn France looked like during the 1940s. Some of the key features that I have noticed is that in amongst the destroyed buildings there are others which have minimal damage. Plenty of ideas in these photographs.